Board and Train

Do you find yourself not having enough time in the week to teach your dog to sit, stay, or come on command? Is your new puppy’s training proving to be more difficult than you’d hoped? Is your dog displaying some undesirable behaviors? Our board and train programs are a well-developed, structured approach to training your K9 companion. all board and train programs are tailored to fit you and your dog’s needs by one of our dedicated training professionals during your consultation.

Board and Learn

Is your dog well behaved everywhere else except at home? Are you tired of your dog invading your personal space while you’re trying to relax? check out our unique board and learn program that teaches your dog home manners and boundaries in one of our certified trainers’ homes. During your dogs stay they will learn how to sit at the door and wait, basic place command, how to respect personal space while in the home, and benefit from socialization in a controlled environment. (Minimum 5 Days – Maximum 10 Days)

Note: Not all dogs may qualify for this program

Private Lessons

Our experienced dog trainers teach you how to train and work with your own dog. They will teach you how to implement professional training techniques to ensure that you have a reliable, well-rounded dog. However, with this program, it is required to continue the “homework” given by your trainer for you and your dog to succeed. During your lesson your trainer will answer any dog related questions you may have and give advice on how to better understand and communicate with your dog.

Group Classes

Our group classes are created for dogs with prior obedience dog training as well as signature k9 training academy graduates. Group class is a great way to socialize your dog with people, dogs and distractions in a controlled environment under the guidance of professional dog trainers.

Note: Evaluation required for non signature k9 training academy graduates

Specialty Training

Do you have a need for specialized training? Would you benefit from your dog providing service tasks, emotional support, or therapeutic relief? Our dedicated trainers take the time to educate you on the differences between service dogs, therapy dogs, emotional support animals, and their responsibilities. Services include: Service dog training, Therapy dog training, Emotional support dog training, AKC evaluated programs; Canine good citizen, community, urban, and Puppy S.T.A.R. Program.

Behavior Modification

Has your dog displayed extreme behaviors that have left you feeling hopeless or frustrated? Are you tired of feeling embarrassed or worried about your dog’s behavior? Our skilled trainers have successfully rehabilitated numerous severe cases such as extreme aggression, spontaneous reactivity, fear, OCD behaviors, resource guarding, euthanasia at risk dogs, and dog aggression.