Justin Lyle

I cannot recommend Signature K9 Academy enough. This is the dog training and behavior modification program that makes others look like a comparative waste of money. We enrolled in a 6 week board and train program and it was worth every penny. The trick here is that it's not a turn-key drop off and you receive a fantastic dog in return. You need to put in the work at home during the weekends, but Daniel and Justin put in so much groundwork and training for both you and your dog that you are absolutely teed up to knock it out of the park. This is not a place that you come to in order to learn tricks, this is a place you come to in order to completely reset your relationship with your dog and learn how to communicate and enforce the boundaries and rules that you want your dog to abide by at home and in public. We came to Daniel & Justin because I have a ‘pandemic puppy’ and was concerned with what the behavior was observing from her limited interactions with other dogs, and my own at-home training was not working anymore. They were able to help contextualize some of the ways that I was attempting to communicate with my dog, and how our miscommunication led to the behaviors that I was observing. Despite the heat we were able to comfortably train inside their purpose built and fully air conditioned training gym, and they were fully proficient and adept at dealing with my dog's unique hygiene needs They developed a program catered to the things my dog needed to work on and we executed on it, simulating the scenarios that she might encounter in her day to day life, and giving me homework to work with my dog on during the weekends. Now my dog respects me as much as I respect her and I’m not concerned with her around children, other dogs, and any other situation that life might throw at us. Thanks to Daniel, Justin & Their Team

Kaley Medsger

Daniel has been exceptional to work with — He has gone above and beyond to work with our dog and create an individualize regiment that was very specific to the issues we have with our dog. His work ethic is obvious in how much time he not only spends with your dog but also you. Our dog has made huge strides of improvement in so many ways. He’s been incredibly helpful, given us peace of mind and hope. I highly recommend!!

Melanie Lemay

From the initial consult, Daniel listened and addressed our concerns with our 3yr old Coonhound Luna. Luna had begun fighting with our older dog and with very little home manners and structure , she was taking over the house. We signed her up for the 6 week B&T and what a difference! Even from the first lesson, we could see a positive change in Luna’s behavior. During that 6 weeks, Daniel was very helpful and available to answer any questions that we had as well as sending us videos and photos of Luna’s progress. Unlike other dog training facilities, where you just drop your dog off without any contact for the duration, we were able to be a part of the 6 weeks of training. We also had 2- one hour lessons a week at Signature k9 with Daniel and Justin as well as being able to take Luna home on the weekend to reinforce her training. Thanks to Justin and Daniel, Luna has learned home manners, obedience and our trust in each other is building and getting restored.

Vivian Ochoa

Great experience working with Danny and Justin! They were accommodating to our anxiety ridden Terrier mix, guiding her through building her confidence. Would highly recommend the service! Google

Judith Downing

My dog completed the 4 week training course with Daniel at Signature K9 in Elgin. He was very undisciplined, energetic with a lot of jumping and hard pulling on his leash. Thanks to Daniel and his associate Justin I now have a calm very well-mannered dog. He heels well and auto-sits. And has mastered multiple other commands. This training was excellent and highly recommended.

Charles Huurman O ́Coineen

I had the pleasure of enrolling my dog Sonas in the training program at Signature K9, and I have to say, the experience exceeded all of my expectations. From start to finish, the staff at Signature K9 demonstrated an unparalleled level of professionalism, expertise, and dedication to helping dogs like Sonas learn and thrive. One of the primary issues that Sonas was struggling with before beginning the program was a fear of other dogs, which was causing him to behave unpredictably. However, after just a few sessions with the skilled trainers at Signature K9, Sonas began to show significant improvement. Through a combination of positive reinforcement, behavior modification techniques, and socialization exercises, Sonas was able to overcome his fear and learn to interact with other dogs in a calm and relaxed manner. In addition to addressing Sonas's specific issues, the trainers at Signature K9 also worked with her on a range of other behaviors and commands, such as proper leash walking, recall, and obedience training. I was impressed by the range of techniques and strategies used by the trainers, and by their ability to tailor their approach to Sonas's unique needs and temperament. Throughout the entire process, the staff at Signature K9 were always patient, compassionate, and committed to helping Sonas succeed. They took the time to explain their methods in detail, answered all of my questions, and provided me with regular updates on Sonas's progress. Thanks to the exceptional training program at Signature K9, Sonas is now a confident, well-behaved, and happy dog who loves spending time with other dogs and his human family. I would highly recommend this academy to anyone looking for a top-notch dog training program that is committed to helping dogs and their owners achieve their goals.

Carolina Mueller

We just finished the 4-session package with Daniel for our puppy, Poppy. It has been a really excellent learning experience for us and he has helped us start to build a really solid foundation with our pup. This was my first time adopting such a young dog (our other dogs have been seniors), so it was a big learning curve. Over the first couple of months that we had her, Poppy earned her middle name "Chaos," and so we started looking for dog trainers. Daniel was the first and only trainer we met with; he really knows his stuff - only someone with a lot of experience can make it look so easy. Not wanting to be away from our girl for 3 weeks, we opted for the 4-session package, which included 2 sessions in our home and 2 at his facility. We stuck to his routine closely and saw Poppy start to get more confident and clear on the expectations. Learning to handle your dog is like learning to dance, awkward and at times silly. Daniel is a calm and clear presence and very supportive. Between lessons, we could get support via text by sending videos. It has really been a worthwhile investment and we're looking forward to continuing to work with him down the road!

Gloria Whitaker

We have a beautiful Labrador who was just shy of 1 years old when we reached out to Daniel at Signature K9. While she was loving and familiar with small commands, we were struggling to keep her from running wild, (sometimes right out the front door), eating anything in sight, and jumping all over the kids. The consultation alone with Daniel and team opened our eyes to understand - we were the problem: Daniel helped us understand while we used physical boundaries for her, we lacked the principles of respect and understanding communication with Cocoa. We were inconsistent on rule setting and this further unintentionally allowed her the freedom to “run” the house vs coexisting. Together we agreed on the 4 week boarding program Daniel and team offered. Every week we attended one hour training sessions as a family to see not just the progress that Cocoa was making, but more importantly Daniel taught us how. We are 3 months post training Cocoa - Daniel continues to follow up with us and is quick to not only answer any questions that we have, but continues to provide honest feedback and training tips, whether that be for Cocoa or for us! Even after some bumps on our part, we are able to productively not just coexist with Cocoa, but also enjoy the love we have for each other more peacefully - even when the kids are running wild around her now!

Jessica Kipikasha

Highly recommend Daniel & his team at Signature K9 for anyone looking to strengthen the relationship between them and their dog. A professional and educational experience that will give you insights on the how's and why's of your dogs behavior, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions along the way. I was nervous to board & train, but immediately after the consult I knew that we came to the right place. Daniel taught us how we played a part in our dogs behavior, and in a few short weeks, he completely changed our outlook and our dog came home with a new foundation for us to build up on! Be prepared to understand your dog on a new level when done with your training, it will be worth it!

Joseph Dilleree

Amazing!! We had no idea what our expectations would be following the 3 week board and train. However it has proven to be an absolute success. We can not thank Daniel and Justin enough for the work they did not only with our Big Boy but with us. Daniel is straight forward, direct and honest and that’s exactly what we needed to make this a success. Money well spent!!