Private Lessons

Our private dog training lessons are designed to address your specific concerns and provide individualized attention to your dog. Whether you’re worried about your dog’s behavior around other dogs or want to focus on specific training needs, our team of experienced trainers will start with an assessment to understand your dog’s unique personality and challenges.

We’ll then create a customized training program that focuses on specific commands, obedience, socialization, and preventing bad habits, as well as behavior modification techniques tailored to your dog’s needs. This personalized approach is particularly useful for addressing problematic behaviors that are specific to the home environment, giving you and your family a better understanding of how to communicate with your dog and improve their behavior. With our private dog training lessons, you’ll feel more confident and in control of your dog’s behavior, strengthening your bond and creating a more harmonious home life.

*A travel fee of $25/lesson will be assessed to any lessons held outside of a 30 minute radius from our facility*

Proudly Serving Elgin & Central Texas