Daniel De La Pena

Founder/Head Trainer

Daniel has always had a love for dogs. Growing up he had several dogs throughout his childhood, but his passion for dogs developed during his service on active duty as a Military Police Officer. During his tour in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn (OIF/OND) Daniel conducted checkpoints with explosive detection MWD’s (military working dogs) and trained with local Iraqi Police Departments to conduct proper checkpoint/security searches. While stationed at the prestigious United States Military Academy in West Point, New York, Daniel conducted hundreds of narcotics & explosives searches with K9 assets daily. In addition to his military experience Daniel graduated from Starmark Academy where he received his certification as a canine Trainer and behavior specialist. In addition Daniel has attended training seminars of world renowned trainer Nino Drowaert (STS K9) and Christopher Fraize (Canine Solutions Training Services). Daniel is the Proud Owner of Signature K9 Training Academy, and along with his team of dedicated canine professionals, welcomes you to the Signature K9 family.

Janelle De La Pena

Executive Administrator/ Trainer

A retired Army veteran, loving wife and mother, dogs have always been a part of Janelle’s life; at one point she had six dogs living under one roof. Janelle married her husband and his passion for dog training/ handling caught her interest. Once she was medically retired from the U.S. Army, Janelle started her journey to become a dog trainer by attending and completing Starmark Academy’s 12-week certification program. Here she was able to work with rescue/shelter dogs and help train, rehabilitate, care for, and bond with some amazing animals! Once graduated from Starmark, she joined Signature K9 Training Academy to help sharpen the skills she already had, and develop into an understanding, knowledgeable, and compassionate trainer. She looks forward to helping you and your K9 with all your training needs!

Steven Orphey


Steven is a decorated combat veteran (OEF) who served 5 years in the US Army as a military police officer. Steven served with Daniel at the prestigious United States military academy in West Point, NY, where they conducted random anti terrorism procedures and searches with K9 assets on a daily basis. Steven always had an admiration for dogs and the amazing things they could be trained to do, so when he was honorably discharged from the military, he moved to Texas and completed Starmark Training Academy’s 12 week course. He received his professional dog trainer & animal behavior specialist certification and was determined to learn more. Steven is currently enrolled in Signature K9’s apprenticeship program where he shadows and works directly with the Founder. Steven welcomes you to the Signature K9 family and looks forward to helping unleash your Signature K9!