K9 Behavior Rehabilitation Programs

K9 Behavior Rehabilitation programs

Signature K9 Training Academy offers K9 Behavior Modification programs for owners with dogs that exhibit difficult behaviors. We work with dogs of all ages and breeds with a variety of problems including but not limited to aggression, fighting, biting, resource guarding, bullying, shyness, fears, anxiety, and neurotic behaviors. With the knowledge obtained through years of working with problem dogs we are confident that we can find the solution you are looking for. We utilize proven, scientific techniques and applied behavior analysis along with sound operant conditioning principles to ensure that behavior problems are resolved in a safe and efficient way.

An initial consultation and behavioral evaluation are needed to accurately diagnose your dog’s issues and determine the source of the issue(s). Our K9 behavior modification programs are customized to each individual dog and their owner, as no two dogs are alike, and each problem may stem from a different source. Understanding the behavior and cause is the first step to successful rehabilitation. A plan of action is then set in place to ensure the success of our program and the rehabilitation of the dog. If you are experiencing behavior problems with your dog and have questions or want more information on our behavior modification programs, feel free to contact us

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