How COVID-19 has affected your dog.

According to global workplace analytics, it is estimated 25%-30% of the work force are working from home. So now those 40 hours a week you’re used to putting in at the office are spent at home. With social distancing in place, and limited hours of operations for businesses, leaving the house is more hassle than its worth!

Cue your home life! Typically when you’re away at work you leave Spot in his crate to prevent destructive chewing, potty accidents, or risking injury while unsupervised. Since you’re home, you now think why not give Spot some more freedom? So you decide not to crate him during the day. Bedtime comes around and you’ve enjoyed Spot’s company so much you decide to let him sleep on the bed, forgoing the crate yet again. Next thing you know, you’re Netflix and chilling with Spot on the couch next to you and all sense of boundaries, structure, and routine are out the window.

Now how exactly is giving your dog freedom a bad thing? Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing! It’s important to remember our dogs are smart and they are always learning! As opportunistic predators if you give them an inch, they take a mile. Dogs are natural den animals and therefore integrating a crate as their den is essential! It gives them their own space to decompress and relax for some quality “me” time. Robbing a dog from his crate is like robbing an infant from his crib. Dogs also need structure and a routine as they have a reliable internal clock. When you’re home all day and don’t enforce a consistent routine, your dog begins to think this is the new routine and begins to adapt… bad behaviors and all!

If you have noticed a change in your dogs behavior since the pandemic, consider what you may be doing or not doing, that’s contributing to your dog’s behavior. Think back on the routine you had when things were great with Spot, if you notice inconsistencies due to the pandemic, consider reintroducing the routine.

If you find that you’re unable to identify the problem or you just can’t seem to gain any progress, contact us and schedule a consultation today! During your one hour consultation, our dedicated training professionals will evaluate your dog and customize a training plan based on your goals! Call 737-228-0137 and unleash your signature K9.