Our Mission

“Our mission as a K9 Training Academy is to enrich the lives of dogs & owners through education and a balanced lifestyle, to achieve a more fulfilled companionship.”




The 5 benefits of choosing us:


You read that right! Not only can you trust that your dog will be learning a new set of skills, but that they’ll be doing so under 24/7 supervision and in the comfort of their trainer’s home. Training in a home environment is one of the key components to transitioning your dog’s results back into your home environment.


It is very important to select a dog training company that has multiple trainers on staff. By experiencing multiple dog trainers, dogs actually learn the commands and are not simply reacting to one person’s mannerisms. Each dog will be taught to listen to a variety of different people during their training. Combined, our trainers have over 20 years of experience handling and training dogs. Our team only utilizes researched-based approaches towards dog training. Trainers at our academy are full-time, career-oriented professional dog trainers. This is not a part-time job or a side gig. We commit 100% of our time to professional dog training.


Our dog training process is proprietary and unlike anything you will find online, in a book, or in a standard class. We have developed this proprietary system through years of training dogs, hands-on experience, and coaching dog owners. Our dog training clients frequently comment that the dog training instruction they personally receive is unique and unlike anything they have learned previously.


We send you phased updates and progress reports with details on your dog’s training progress. Each week, the field trips become more challenging and exciting and we share this experience with you. Dog training exercises, field trips, physical conditioning, and activities are happening every day, 7 days a week, from the beginning of the program until graduation from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.


We can do the heavy lifting in our Board and Train program or we can coach you through our private in-home lessons. We offer great dog training options that are optimal for every phase of training. Also available exclusively to our Signature K9 family is boarding, where your dog revisits their trainer for their stay and receives a refresher course on what they learned in their program and grooming to keep your Signature K9 looking good.