4 Week Board & Train (Advanced Obedience) $2,899

Our Board and Train program is our most popular training option. It’s boarding, combined with training and playtime for your dog. It also includes individual sessions with the dog owner at the end of our program in order to ensure a consistent transfer of knowledge. This is a great option for owners who are traveling or simply do not have the time and expertise required to train their dog to the level that they require. Our dedicated training professionals work with each dog multiple times daily during their stay. In addition, dogs are kept and boarded in a home environment! After this fun and comprehensive “Doggy Boot Camp,” you’ll also have opportunities for follow up lessons from one of our training specialists, just to make sure that those good behaviors stick around for the long run.

Your dog’s specific behaviors—and your needs as a dog owner—are addressed in this comprehensive, 4 Week Board & Train Program. During your dog’s extended stay, they’ll learn advanced “intellectual” commands. They’ll also learn how to avoid bothersome habits and receive minor behavior modification training tailored to their specific needs. After your dog graduates from the Training Program, they’ll be able to perform the full range of dog obedience commands that we teach. They’ll also leave their old, disruptive habits behind, and be ready to come home with new, positive behaviors that make your daily routines, park visits, and travel easier and more enjoyable. Additionally, you’ll receive a Go-Home Lesson that teaches you how to reinforce good behaviors back home and lifetime trainer support from our training staff.


In addition to the basic & intermediate training objectives, your dog will be able to follow these commands after completing this elite dog training program:
• Off-Leash Heeling (Walking next to you without a leash)
• Come when called into a sit (Off Leash)
• Sit with an implied stay (Off Leash)
• Down with an implied stay (Off Leash)
• Place Command (Off Leash)
• Send to & Release from crate (Off Leash)
• Door Manners (Off Leash)


Our Advanced Dog-Training Program also includes training to stop bad behaviors. This training addresses:
• Door Bolting
• Proper greetings with strangers
• Excessive Jumping
• Mouthing/Play Biting
• Pushy/Inappropriate Behaviors


Opportunities to practice obedience drills in a variety of circumstances. Dogs travel away from our dog training academy to train in public and private training areas throughout Austin, TX. Our K9 students learn how to behave properly, meeting and greeting people or other dogs in public settings. Distraction proofing and teaching a dog how to behave outside of their home environment is necessary if you want the freedom and luxury to bring your dog with you to one of the many dog-friendly places Austin, TX has to offer.


We believe a dog needs to be exposed to other dogs and able to co-exist and may even elect a proper play style. Our Board and train dogs get to run and play in groups, learning how to act as a pack and take direction from their handlers. Dogs in our board and train program are exposed to basic behaviors even while engaged in play with other dogs such as recall, sit and downs.


Every Signature K9 graduate and family member receives owner training and instruction at graduation during our Go home lesson. Our Go home lesson discloses our transitional keys to success when welcoming your K9 companion back home. Each client or family will learn about the training their dog has received, how/when to use the commands, and proper reinforcement of the training. Owner instruction includes a demonstration of the owner’s dog performing the commands.



  • Rabies (up to date)
  • Distemper/Parvo (up to date)
  • Bordetella (every 6 months)