1-Week Board & Train-Loose Leash Walking Experience

This program addresses an issue that many dog owners struggle with, excessive pulling on the leash.  We break down the behavior for walking on a loose leash and teach your dog proper positioning. This will alleviate you from using training management tools such as halts and harnesses and will allow you to enjoy every walk you take. Often, families struggle with this basic behavior and this results in a stressful, undesirable walk with their K9 companions. After the completion of this program, families can enjoy a walk with their dog without being pulled down the street. Many of our graduate’s report that people stop them regularly to ask them how they were able to get their dog to behave so well! This program teaches the desired behavior of loose-leash walking and does not address any other behaviors (i.e. barking, aggression, etc.).



Every Signature K9 graduate and their family member receives owner training and instruction at graduation during our Go-home lesson. Our Go-home lesson discloses our transitional keys to success when welcoming your K9 companion back home.  Each client or family will learn about the training their dog has received, how/when to use the commands, and proper reinforcement of the training. Owner instruction includes a demonstration of the owner’s dog performing the commands.




Vaccination Requirements:

Rabies (up to date)

Distemper/Parvo (up to date)

Bordetella (every 6 months)