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Board & Train

Do you find yourself not having enough time in the week to teach your dog to sit, stay, or come on command? Is your new puppy’s training proving to be more difficult than you’d hoped? Is your dog displaying some undesirable behaviors?

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Behavior Modification

Has your dog displayed extreme behaviors that have left you feeling hopeless or frustrated? Are you tired of feeling embarrassed or worried about your dog’s behavior?

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Specialized Training

Do you have a need for specialized training? Would you benefit from your dog providing service tasks, emotional support, or therapeutic relief?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your services cost?

Very similar to when you have a vehicle problem and you ask a mechanic how much will it be to fix? The mechanic won’t know until they get under the hood and diagnose the issue. We won’t know exactly how much time, training, or what curriculum your dog will need until one of our professional trainers evaluates them, which is why we offer free consultations!

How do I know if my dog needs private lessons or a board & train?

Our staff have dedicated their time to learning how to read animal body language and behavior so they may diagnose the issue at the root of its cause. Depending on your goals, lifestyle, and schedule our trainers will customize a plan that will fit your needs and recommend the training plan they see fit.

My dog needs a board & train, how will I know my dog will listen to me when they come back home?

Not only do we have a team of outstanding trainers, but they’re amazing teachers as well. Education is key when it comes to successfully training and bonding with your dog. During your dogs’ board and train their trainer will lay down the foundation of training, teaching them how to effectively communicate, and become a well mannered K9 companion. Once their training plan is complete, you receive a go home lesson where we teach you, show you, and lastly ensure you’re comfortable and understanding of your dog’s training. As with any lifestyle change their may be some reminding needed from both you and your dog, no worries we have you covered with lifetime trainer support for your newly trained dog!

Why choose Signature K9 Training Academy?

Here at Signature K9 Training Academy we are firm believers in making the training fit the dog, and not the other way around. Everyone of our trainers has taken the time to learn different methods, techniques, and approaches in dog training to ensure quality results and fundamentals are instilled in your K9 companion. Our team of professionals strive to educate dog owners and empower them to build a strong relationship with their dog through hands on instruction. Ready to unleash your Signature K9? Give us a call today!